Business Navigator SME

Business Navigator SMEs is a free resource for entrepreneurs who want to open or expand their business, and work honestly, legally, pay all taxes and deductions, earning their future and the future of their children.

Based on the results of trial operation in July-August 2016 by business associations of entrepreneurs from August 31, 2016, the SME Business Navigator works in a test mode with free unlimited access to functionality suitable for use in making decisions about opening or expanding its business.

The functionality of the Business Navigator SME is based on data on more than 5000 real successful small businesses and franchise parameters, verified by experts from industry professional associations, official statistics, public data of state and municipal authorities, geoinformation data, marketing research results and data on commercial real estate .

In order to more easily determine their entrepreneurial future, entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to download 5 free business plans in full (you do not need to register as an individual entrepreneur or legal entity).

An approximate form of business plans is agreed with the largest banks, including banks with state participation, non-state banks, and business associations of entrepreneurs, is subject to confirmation in the local branch of the bank.

When implementing an exemplary business plan, in practice, financial (including profitability and recoupment of the project) and other parameters associated with changes in market conditions and entrepreneurial activity in each particular region are possible in practice.

Entrepreneurs can also use agreed with the largest banks, including banks with state participation, private banks, and business associations of entrepreneurs, a template of an exemplary business plan in Excel format (a set of tables for self-completion) and independently calculate the business plan, indicating the preferred source data ( number of employees, salary, etc.).

To go to the Business Navigator, you can use the icon below.